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Open House 2011

“The Cat in the Hat”, Debra Stanton added an air of excitement as she slipped around during the occasion.


Open House 2011 held on August 18 was well attended. The Spring Dipper’s ice cream attracted a lot of attention.  Foundation directors served hot dogs, chips, pickles, and drinks and got to enjoy greeting many parents and children. It is great to see the children excited to show their parents, grandparents, and other relatives their rooms and to meet their teachers.  Open House is a very special time for the directors as we get to see the students’ success.  Since our food and drink were either donated or sold to us at a reduced cost we were able to sell at a very moderate cost of $2.00 per person. With donations and our percentage from the Spring Dipper we were able to add $840.00 to our Special Projects fund.


Our Special Projects this year are to replace the 40 year old stage curtains at the High School, which are expected to cost about $10,000, and to purchase large projection screens for the high school gym. The screen has already been purchased and  installed in the Multi-Purpose room.  In fact, pictures of last year’s grant recipients and projects completed were set up and run during Open House.  Thank you Mr. Allen, High School Principal, and Debra Wright, High School Business Teacher, for setting up the pictures to run continuously during Open House.


There was always a long line for the Spring Dipper!

2011 Alumni of the Year

renfroTracey Hollis Renfro (class of ’80) is the recipient of the 2011 Alumni of the Year Award.  Tracey is a very successful woman, providing employment for a large number of people in our community through her Individualized Supported Living Service.  She has always been very generous in her support of the community, the school, and the Alton R-4 Public School Foundation.

This award is presented annually by the Alton School Foundation to Alumni who have made outstanding contributions to the community and the school and continue to support our students through the Alton R-4 School Foundation.

Scholarship Fund Established

The Alton R-IV Public School Foundation has established a “Scholarship Fund”.  Donors who want to help AHS students further their education or training may designate their contributions to be put in this fund.  The number and amount of scholarships awarded will be determined by the amount accumulated in the fund each year.  The criteria for the selection of recipients will be available in the high school counselor’s office.