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Why donate? Due to State and Federal budget cuts and higher operation costs, Missouri schools are having to find alternative funding methods to provide the best education possible for their students. As a result school districts across the state have established School Foundations.  


Planned Giving –A gift of any amount is welcome at any time and may be designated for our General Fund, any established endowed fund or for any department, class, or organization to be used at the discretion of the department head, teacher, or sponsor and the Foundation Board of Directors. We invite you to make a plan to support the Alton R-4 School Foundation by committing to make an annual contribution which may be done on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly basis. With your tax-deductible contribution to the Alton R-IV School Foundation you can establish memorials, honorariums, and scholarships.  Your donation may be made in cash or with bequests of personal property, real estate, stocks, bonds, insurance, or other securities.  This can be accomplished through wills, trusts, beneficiary deeds, life estate deeds, transfer on death, or through other estate planning.


Scholarships– A great way to leave a lasting legacy in memory or honor of a loved one.  To endow a scholarship is to contribute a sum of money which will be used to provide scholarships in perpetuity by using only the earnings of the fund.  The minimum for an endowed scholarship is $10,000 which may be contributed over a period of 5 years.  This amount will generally provide earnings for a $500 scholarship to be given annually.  One of the goals of the Alton School Foundation is to develop an array of scholarships so every student may have an opportunity to further their education.




Types of Funds:
You may direct your contribution to any of the following funds.
  • General Fund ( to be used at Foundation Directors discretion)
  • Special Projects Fund
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Vocational Agriculture Fund
  • Junior & Senior High Music Fund
  • Junior & Senior High Athletic Fund
  • Unrestricted Endowed Fund (Cooper I)
  • Academic Endowed Fund (Cooper II)
  • Justin Crews Memorial Scholarship
  • Larry Wallace Memorial Scholarship
  • Wendell & Rebecca Williams Family Scholarship
  • Luie & Anna Roberts Scholarship
  • Norman Mills Memorial Scholarship ( in process of being endowed)

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