2010 Special Project: Electronic Sign

signFollowing a unanimous suggestion from the teachers, an electronic message board has been selected as the 2010 “special project” for the Alton R-IV Public Schools Foundation. 

The sign will be used to recognize outstanding achievement and performance by students, classes, groups, and organizations, as well as to provide information about school activities to the community.  Money will only need to be raised for the installing, raising, and moving of the sign, as the digital part of the sign itself is being donated by Tracey Hollis Renfro (class of ’80), while the land for the sign is being donated by alumni Ron & Sheila Campbell.  Kristie Rackley (class of ’87), Frank Young (class of ’83), and Patrick Ledgerwood (class of ’99) have agreed to donate their services for the installation, with students and workers from the school helping with the landscaping.

Scholarship Fund Established

The Alton R-IV Public School Foundation has established a “Scholarship Fund”.  Donors who want to help AHS students further their education or training may designate their contributions to be put in this fund.  The number and amount of scholarships awarded will be determined by the amount accumulated in the fund each year.  The criteria for the selection of recipients will be available in the high school counselor’s office.