Pig Project Still Benefiting FFA Vo-Ag Students

Seven students participated in the pig project this year which was started in 2009 with a $500 donation by Gary & Deane Simpson. Students get their pigs in April then they are weighed in for the Howell County Fair in July. Each student is responsible for providing feed, care, and preparing their pigs for showing at the fair. They designate one pig to be sold at the Fair Auction and these pigs bring a premium price. The students get a taste of livestock farming, and learn about responsibility, organization, and management, and receive $600-$1000 to add to their bank account.

Arial Piece received $700.00 for her pig.

Channing Burd’s pig sold for $950.00.

Celsie Benson also received $700.00 for her pig.

Billy Johannsen’s pig brought $1125.00

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