2016 Scholarship Recipients

 Alton Chamber of Commerce Kaylee Arasmith, $500
 Alton Chamber of Commerce Ashley Brandon, $500
Alton Public School Foundation Tim Kavanaugh, $500
Alton Public School Foundation Kaley Kepplinger, $500
Andrew J. Vincent Memorial Kaley Kepplinger, $400
Dorothy Cline Memorial Ashley Brandon, $400
Buildings for Babies Kaylee Arasmith, $500
Buildings for Babies Drew Hufstedler, $500
Buildings for Babies Haley Kernodle, $500
Buildings for Babies Michaela King, $500
Buildings for Babies Mary Alice Oesch, $500
Jim Clary Caleb Buffington, $500
J.Q. Clary Tim Kavanaugh, $500
Nancy Clary Emily Roberts, $500
Campbell Family Medical Services Mary Alice Oesch, $500
Dethrow-Roy Family Mary Alice Oesch, $500
Jim and Wylma Heiskell Savannah Simmons, $500
Jim and Wylma Heiskell Bailey Johnston, $500
W.N. and Leona Jenkins Memorial Kaylee Arasmith, $500
Eddie J. Johnson Memorial Michaela King, $500
Paintmaster Kaley Kepplinger, $250
Simpson’s True Value Kaylee Arasmith, $250
Simpson’s True Value Kaley Kepplinger, $250
Norman Mills Memorial Jed Edwards, $500
Norman Mills Memorial Mary Alice Oesch, $500
Justin Crews Memorial Emily Hower, $1000
Larry Wallace Memorial Kaley Kepplinger, $500
Davene Owens-Jaeger Memorial Bailey Johnston, $500
Luie and Anna Roberts Bailey Johnson, $500
Williams Family Mary Alice Oesch, $500
Wendell P. and Rebecca Williams Haley Kernodle, $500



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